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Postby Flash_Andy » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:52 pm

If someone approaches you in your local job centre from this company

Stay well away!

Very very dodgy company, they where on Watchdog on BBC1 last year ... 0502.shtml

I had the misfortune to go on one of their recruitment days at Hampden Stadium and It was the most bizarre job interview I've ever had in my life!

I had to watch a video of their wacky wacky workplace with people dressed up in balaclavas and clown outfits and other fancy dress stuff, then I listened to how their staff have a great laugh and all that shit. I then had to circle words on a sheet that described myself :- Honest, God Fearing, Truthful etc etc... No surprise that I was the first one at the recruitment day who was not suitable for a job with them!

Thank fuck for that....I'm not suitable for a company full of crooks! :D
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Postby Schiehallion » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:09 pm

A study in the US measured different selection techniques to see which one was best for giving you the best chance of selecting the best suited candidate.

Assessment days came out top. Interviews rated not much better than choosing from CV's alone.

3 golden rules of interviews...

1 The successful applicant will be the one who removes the most doubt from the interviewers. Interviewers look for reasons not to take people. Remove all doubts / concerns and you're just about there.

2 Spend less time telling them how good you are or how ambitious you are. They really don't give a fuck about your desires, they want to know how you will make their life easier/better/more successful.

3 And most importantly, show them you really, really, really want that job. The hungry inexperienced person will beat the experienced 'mibbies aye, mibbies naw' type. Experience can be acquired quite easily, motivation must come naturally.
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Postby cheesemonster » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:35 pm

I had an interview on Monday, it was really weird - it was a panel consitisting of 4 people but the main guy refused to make eye contact with me and would look at the wall while i was talking to him.
Each person only asked 1 question each and 2 of the questions were pretty much just yes or no answers and it was over in little over 10 minutes...
I doubt i got it
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Postby Cazzie » Thu Sep 07, 2006 12:26 pm

Good advice Shiehallion

Great book is 101 answers to tough interview questions by John Yates. It isn't just about questions - takes you through the whole job hunting process.

Agree with you - GK - interviews are crap. Worst way ever to recruit people. that's why there are so many crap people in jobs - being able to show off for half an hour is no predictor of job suitability.

My pet hates when interviewing people are

1. Candidate doesn't know anything about the job/company. Why waste both our time?

2. The Amn't I great interviewee who's done everything and singlehandedly run every company they've worked for. So much for team spirit

3. The one who lies blatantly on the CV and in the interview, and doesn't have the nous to be consistent about it.

4. The one who doesn't really seem that interested in the job. Why bother?

20 years in HR and recruitment (thankfully out of both now!) but happy to give anyone feedback/help with CVs or interviews if you want.

"Look, we can't fall into old patterns.
We have to think of a plan!"
- Lisa Simpson
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