WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

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WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

Postby Sharon » Sun Mar 24, 2002 10:46 am

Planned new projects currently include:

> Glasgows Wartime Buildings

> The Panopticon (Theatre of Varieties on Argyle Street)

> Templeton Carpet Factory

> The Clydeport Authority Building

> Glasgow Green

> Kibble Palace

> Signs that point to abandoned buildings

> a poster series (dookits, water towers, etc)

> Makers marks (images that contasin the mark of the idustries that built Glasgow, on brick, steel, iron etc... cast and moulded alike)

> street lamps

If you have anymore suggestions we would love to hear them. Also if you have any information, photos, stories, etc about any of these we would like to include them on the website. Credits will be given!!

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Postby Anne » Thu Apr 18, 2002 6:42 pm

:wink: Now I realise that not everyone would be interested in this but have you thought about checking out anything on Third Lanark FC? I believe that there are now houses built on their old ground...and another bit of Glasgow heritage bites the dust!!!
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Postby Anne » Thu Apr 18, 2002 7:10 pm

Now I wonder if anyone knows owt about this..??..Ive been told that there are remenants of slave prisons under shops in the fruit market??? Does that sound cool and interesting or what??!! Anyone with even the slightest clue as to what im refering to speak now!!! Cheers.
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Postby Anne » Wed May 01, 2002 5:13 pm

Got to thinking and wondered if it would be worth your while contacting the local paper, The Glaswegian or such like, they are always interested in Glasgow stuff and Glasgow people and it may help to get this clever and interesting information to the wider public...thats not the fat public, well not only them, just the greater masses!!! Just a thought, but a little publicity goes a long way and besides I want answers to some of my queries and the people who read the local papers might just have the info i desire???? :wink: ::): 8) :? 8O :x :evil: :!: :o :( :) ::): ::): ::): I love the little faces!!!
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Postby downward_spiral » Fri Sep 27, 2002 12:03 am

> Templeton Carpet Factory

Sounds interesting.. where is it?
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Cinemas (picture Houses) of the 50's.

Postby Targer » Fri Jan 10, 2003 9:26 pm

:) Why not provide photographs of the facades of cinemas (picture houses) of the 50's as these would be particularly interesting to expatriates. Suggest from the following areas to start Gorbals,Tradeston, Govan up-town etc.
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Postby johnybags » Wed Feb 12, 2003 1:12 pm

Anne wrote::wink: Now I realise that not everyone would be interested in this but have you thought about checking out anything on Third Lanark FC? I believe that there are now houses built on their old ground...and another bit of Glasgow heritage bites the dust!!!

I think you'll find that 3rd lanarks ground is indeed still intact (or at least 3/4 of it). It about a street away from and behind the east stand (i think) at hampden.


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Clyde Tunnel? (Present one)

Postby gremlin » Sun Jul 20, 2003 12:51 am

Hi guys

Don't know about you but as a non-weegie by birth i'd be interested in pics of the pedestrian/cycle access and the emergency escape routes in the vehicle tunnels. Every time i drive through that thing i do at least 40 through fear that the old hole will cave in before i get out! (i read that the top of the tunnel was hit by a ship at least once)!

There's probably loads of stuff in Glasgow that i'll spot over the years to come!

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Postby helloall73 » Thu Aug 14, 2003 9:47 am

Personnally, I have an interest in any WW2/cold war stuff. There are quite a few sites throughout Glasgow/Lanarkshire that might be interesting. My house in Carluke is built on what was a RAF training camp (I think it was for maintenance personel). Theres still a large Hangar (where they stored shot down German aircraft) and several other buildings. in most of the Gardens you can only go down 3 feet before hitting poured concrete from the bottoms of the huts. Theres also at least one air raid shelter in the area, although I've never been in it myself.

I also know of a cold war bunker near Eask Kilbride (it was the Western Scotland Air defence command post, or something like that).

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Postby Woolly Joss » Fri Sep 12, 2003 10:53 pm

Cathkin Park (Third Lanark's ground) is in Myrtle Park Avenue, about three hundred yards north of the current Hampden Park.

The entire playing surface is still intact, and is used by Sunday/amateur teams for kickabouts. I think there have been attempts to develop the land, but I have heard stories that these have all failed as the land can only be used for recreational purposes????

Many sections of the terracing are still clearly visible, particularly behind the goal at the Cathcart Road end, but all buildings have been demolished.

Cathkin Park was Third Lanark's second ground, the first was about five hundred yards further north of Cathkin Park, in Govanhill.

Cathkin was also originally the second Hampden Park, used by Queen's Park FC between 1884 and the opening of the current Hampden in 1903.

I believe there was also another pitch to the east of the ground, used by a team called Victoria FC, around the same time QP played there. That team were eventually taken under the wings of QP, and our Under-19 team is still known as the Victoria XI.
Woolly Joss

Postby mara » Mon Sep 15, 2003 12:19 am

There IS an old Royal Observer Corps monitoring bunker near Carluke at NS86624874, "In a rectangular compound on the edge of a hilltop quarry, 250 yards south of Headsmuir Farm and 700 yards south of A721." It shut down in 1991 .
It is one of the 1563 monitoring posts doted around the U.K. that would of been used to communicate, correlate and monitor a nuclear attack on Great Britain and Ireland .
There were others too in Barrhead, Glasgow ( at the junction of Hardgate and Sheildhall Roads. This is now privately owned)), Steps and Milngavie to name but three .
Theres not much to see above ground (from the photographs Ive seen), with most of it being subteranean, but if you look there should be a ventilation shaft and entrance hatch still with there original olive green paint .
On a completely differnt note does anyone remeber a siren on top of the blue police box on Great Western Road next to the Botanical Gardens entrance that disapperaed about four or five years ago ?
It was wired upto a national communications network whose aim was to warn the public of an incoming Soviet nuclear attack - the attack warning red or the famous "four minute warning" .If it had gone off "in anger" its banshee wail would of warned the listeners that nuclear missiles were closing in on the U.K. , and presumably no west end trendy had more than five minutes left to live.

Tunnels under Garnethill

Postby Guest » Sat Oct 04, 2003 10:50 am

Hi there, I've been looking around the site, pretty cool. Do you know anything about the tunnels under Garnethill.
My great-grandparents lived on Buccleuh St. apparantly you could get in to tunnels from the tenement basements all around there, my Grandmas brothers used to play in them, there's meant to be an underground stream and a way in to the basements at the art school.
Don't know if it was just a bit of exageration, or there really is a lot down there, and this was before the motorway went in.

Postby Jen » Sat Oct 04, 2003 11:44 am

How about a look round the southside.
In Shawlands there's an old toy factory at the closed off end of Baker St, it's only small, all the windows are out, but shouldn't be too hard to get over the wall. You can only see it in Baker Street or from the little yard at the back of Beanscene. The building Beanscene is in seems to be one of the oldest in the neighbourhood, I think it was built as a school originally.
Also in Shawlands behind the Camphil Gate tenement there are a load of old buildings which are the original front of Pollokshaws Road, mostly they made up the bakery where the bakers on baker street worked.
If you can get in to the old Elephant Cinema (above MacKays) and see if anythings left, cos it looks like the upper floors have been vacant for decades.
The Muirend cinema's going to be gutted and turned in to flats, only a recent closure, but it'll be changed forever soon. There's an old cinema building in Cathcart, it's been used as a bingo hall and is vacant at the moment, somewhere behind it there's a little hidden park.
There's a convent up of Camphill Avenue, a closed order, apparantly they wear medieval style habits and most of them follow a vow of silence, but I hear they're being moved out/have moved out. Anyone know?
Other hidden things. There's a farmhouse on Titwood Road, a coach house on Shawhill Road, an old cemetry beside Lidl in Pollokshaws, another farmhouse in Queens Park. There are iron age eathworks in Queens Park and Pollok Park, not exciting but they are there. Queens Park right at the top, Pollok Park hidden off the path near the pond in amongst the woodland.
Pollok Park has loads of decaying ornemental paths to get lost wondering up, all sorts of stuff from the estate gardens getting swallowed up. There's and open feild near the car park for the house where there are some slightly raised square and rectangular platforms which might be old foundations. Beside it there's a weir and a channel like a small version of the one to run the water wheel at the saw mill up stream.
All sorts of stuff really, that I wish I knew a bit more about or wish I could get in and have a better look at. I'm in Manchester at the moment to exploration on home turf is out of the question. There are all sorts of little left over bits, mainly from the farms and estates, before the area got really urbanised, there used to be a lot of small scale mining around there too, but there's not a lot of surface evidence except when a street caves in.
There are a lot of the old station houses, in varying stages of decay along the cathcart cirlce. Also an old signal house that's been converted in to a house in Polloksheilds if you look.
Anyway I've been rambling long enough.

South Side Oddities

Postby Blackdrop » Mon Oct 06, 2003 8:20 pm

Pollok Park must be awash with oddities. That fantastic ancient tree in the gardens of Pollok House. Recently I found a hand-written note to someones dead father!
The Witches Wood, which can be reached by going over the bridge in front of the house and following the river to the left has a curling rink and an old ice-hole. Not far away in the middle of the adjacent golf course is a tumulus, still with a stone commemorating an archaeological dig. (They found an urn)
Again in front of the house and to the right of the bridge is the remains of Polloktoun. This village was apparently removed as it was in the way of the splendid view from the house.
Just outside the park in Pollokshaws there may be a tunnel running the length of Shawbridge St.
Does anyone know any other stories about this area?

Postby Jen » Tue Oct 07, 2003 4:53 pm

There used to be some curling stones by the glasshouses in the display garden.
There's a book on old Pollokshaws with some amazing pictures of when they were putting up the tower blocks with the old tenements alongside. Nothing about the tunnel in it, but pretty interesting all the same.


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