WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

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Re: WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

Postby Gerry B » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:44 pm

Ruchazie Rat wrote:What about “Lost/Revamped/Downsized Parks”? Croftcroighn Park in Ruchazie, between Craighouse St, Milncroft Rd and Drumlochy Rd seems to have lost it`s former glory. No more swings and roundabout, or bowling green or putting green/golf course. Sad loss. Especially for the kids. Old photos please, anyone?

Was Up Greenhall Park High Tyre Last Week.
The Kids Play Park Is Totally Gone.
All Lanscaped. Really How Much Council Tax Are
We Going To Get Rebated For...
A Good Paint Joab Once A Year..
Maybe Every Week A Wee Health And Safety
Check On The Swings...ETC
The Last Time I looked In The Mirror! I Was Still There......
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Re: WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

Postby muriblue » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:45 pm

First time poster, I know this may not be the correct place to post this, forgive me if not :oops: I am looking for a little help finding out what buildings were on the site of the Goldberg's building before it was built?
The reason being is that it's in the process of getting demolished now and during a Uni trip to the Merchant City i photographed what is left of a L-Shaped building with visible Mansard roof, furthermore there is also a Timber roof, clad in Slate protruding below. All inside the middle of the building? I took pictures today and if wanted i will post them up.

All and any help appreciated,

Many thanks :)
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Re: WANTED!! Ideas for new projects....

Postby ibtg » Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:47 pm

I recently received this email (below) and felt that the project was too much for me, but considering all the work you guys have done on the 'Past Present' theme, that some of you might be interested.

I have already pointed them in the direction of the Mitchell, Evening Times and Herald archives, although I'm sure they knew about them already. And I have mentioned to them some of the books on the same theme that have been done in the past. But another couple of books on the subject can't hurt :D and you guys do it so well, so read on and consider......

Dear Sir/Madam,
Having stumbled across your website, I am contacting you to inform you that Amberley Publishing, the UK’s fastest growing local and specialist history publishing company, is currently looking for new or experienced authors, photographers and members of the community to contribute to our exciting Through Time series of local history books.

With over 400 titles in the series to date, we are now looking for the following potential titles in your area: Central Glasgow ­­­Through Time and Glasgow West End Through Time.

The Through Time concept is a ninety-six page, then-and-now picture book, containing around ninety-two old photographs or postcards, each paired with a new photograph in full colour, to show how the same scene, or a related one, has changed over time. Each pair of photographs has a short descriptive caption. Books from the series have already proven highly popular among locals and are stocked in all good local bookshops, including national retailers such as Waterstones.
If you are interested in producing this kind of book for us, or know anybody else who might be, please let me know through email, or pass on my contact details, which can be found below.

I can of course supply any further information as required.

Kind regards,

Sian Griffiths

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