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Postby trailstar » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:37 pm

hey guys + gals.

As some of you know, im a local Glaswegian photographer and i browse here regularly and show some of my photos here! Its a great site for looking at places people have been and stuff.

Ive just started a site with a friend that aims at the more technical help of all types of photography. Its got a few nice features such as:

Every user gets a free gallery, somewhere to showcase your photos.
Forum for help, browsing links and general questions.
Fortnightly compitions, where the users decide the category and the winner.
Interviews with professionals.

Hope some of you pop in and register. Dont take this like im trying to steal users, i was just wanting to get the name out to sites that have a photography side to it.. but dont have such a large community.

Maybe see you sometimes on the chat/forums.

Just settling in
Just settling in
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