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Re: Motherwell

Postby Craig » Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:01 pm

Knight of the Thistle wrote:First of all hello to everyone again! Naw been on the site in a wee while. EWS no longer use Motherwell TMD for day to day operations :( but at the moment it still sees use for the occasional charter train stabbling like on tuseday night for the North Britain charter, But as far as I know no EWS staff are based there any more with everyone moved up to Mossend but a few locos (including the most hellfire 37427! :P ) remain stored @ 66B as there has been a big clear out recently, dont know about Network Rail operations as Craig had said they were using it?
(Btw are you the Craig Watson from the sco-rail site?)

Cheers Chris.
(Good to be back! :D )

That's me!

We (Network Rail) are still on site 24-7, we also have some rail vehicles (our two snowblowers) inside the depot buildings.

I'm not based there though, I'm up at Crosshill Street next to the signalling centre.

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