998 Great Western Road

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Re: 998 Great Western Road

Postby Bridie » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:37 pm

Dexter St. Clair wrote:
demure young Gels

I take it you never went out with any of them.

:D Question or statement?
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Re: 998 Great Western Road

Postby Bankie Boy » Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:20 pm

I was a member of the St Mungo's Centenary Club back in the 70s. I would go along every Saturday morning when the rugby teams were announced for that afternoons games. From there we would all disperse to where the match was to be played and return afterwords for copious amounts of beer and rugby songs. The discos were really naff and I never once got lucky at any of them :(
The building itself was magnificent inside. You entered via a stained and acid etched main doorway into a grand marbled hallway with the great staircase in front of you. To the left there was the "Blue Room" that was used as a lounge/function room. The next room was the gentleman's billiards and smoking room. This room was lined in oak paneling and had a galleried seating area to watch the action on the billiards table. Under the grand staircase was the door to take you down to the old servants quarters and kitchen. The kitchen was so large it now housed 4 full size snooker tables. The butlers pantry, silver safe, and other offices were converted into guest accommodation.
Back upstairs again and to the right hand side at the front was the bar and at the rear the beer store and kitchen to serve the bar.
Up the main stairway and there were several meeting rooms and further guest accommodation. We even played host to the mighty New Zealand All Blacks (that was some weekend! I had a hangover for a week!)
Most of the original ornate plasterwork, wood paneling and marble was still intact but the conservatory was long gone.
The stable block to the side was nearly derelict when it was sold to raise funds for the upkeep of the building and now is a very swish court yard mews.
I dont know the story of how it came to be in its current sorry state or how the Centenary club lost ownership but some one did say there was some doubts over the whole affair! I would love to go back and explore once more
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