metal detecting around glasgow

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Re: metal detecting around glasgow

Postby Josef » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:22 pm

robertpool wrote:You don't even have to get aff the bus. Turn yir machine on and it'll detect the needles the junkies have in their pockets, the cans hidden by the alkies, all the concealed blades carried by the hoodies, teeth braces worn by the non hoodies, the zippos carried by the smokers, the belly button rings, eyebrow-nose-ear and lip junk worn by the metal merchants, yir grannies mobile phone and on yir way aff the bus the brass rings put in the payment thats what l call a good days hunting and all for £2.60

That sounds a tad bitter, Robert. Not what I have you marked down for at all.

I get Glasgow buses every weekday- and often weeknight - and have done for a very long time indeed. I've never - and I'll say that again, never - had any bother. Apart from the time that shower from the deaf school in Blythswood Square stole a treasured cassette. No, I've no idea either.
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Re: metal detecting around glasgow

Postby Davy » Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:22 pm

Hey dickyheart,
You can get a basic detector for under £100, But for about £160 on amazon you could get an pretty good detector that can get you started. And contrary to what "robert pool "thinks you can actually set your machine to ignore junk etc. I would suggest a Tracker IV or get a Garret 250 thats what I use its the same one used by the guy who found all the gold stuff in a field estimated to be about a million pounds!
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