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Water Row

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:01 am
by e2wufos1
I was looking through Virtual Mitchell and noticed a place called Water Row can anyone tell me where in Govan this is and has it survived to this day because I can't find it on any map

Photo below


Another view


PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:07 am
by ramor69
Across from the shoppping centre. The Bank
Of Scotland sits on the corner of Water Row
and Govan Road.
Not too much of it left now tho' :(

Found it for you -

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:11 am
by AlanM
And as it is today (well yesterday)


PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:14 am
by e2wufos1
Thanks guys

Am I right in thinking none of those old buildings in the photos are still around then?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:22 am
by ramor69
The building in AlanM's photo is all there is left now.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:27 am
by e2wufos1
ramor69 wrote:Across from the shoppping centre. The Bank
Of Scotland sits on the corner of Water Row
and Govan Road.
Not too much of it left now tho' :(

Found it for you -
I must be looking with my eyes shut, Anyway thanks guys.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:38 am
by crusty_bint
crusty_bint wrote:Govan 1757

Govan from Yorkhill 1758

Govan from Partick 1839

Govan 1930's, the large shed and slips is the site of the Moot Hill

Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:48 pm
by Mori
Water row been given lots of funds to be revamped in the comming months, i love this bit of Govan, a great history around about it. :D

Item 3

7.1 Allowance is being made in the DRS riverside infrastructure budget for a
contribution of £1.1m to undertake public realm improvements at Water Row.
These improvements will complement those undertaken at Govan Cross (via
CGAP & THI) and also the New Riverside Museum on the north bank of the Clyde.
The public realm improvements are linked to the provision of a protocol facility
capable of accommodating a river bus service.
7,.2 The Water Row public realm improvement budget is an integral part of a larger
package of funding, totalling £9.4 million being assembled by the Council to
complete the public realm and transport infrastructure for the New Riverside
Museum. The package includes £2.65m from Scottish Enterprise, the provision of
which is conditional on works being carried out on both the north and south bank of
the Clyde and that spend is achieved by March 2011:

Riverside Information Cost

£M NRM Funding £M

Slipway 1.5
Derelict Land Fund 1.0
Permanent landscaping &
Lighting 3.2
LES Slipway 2.0
Temp car park & bus structure 3.0
Riverside Regeneration Budget 1.75
Pontoons 0.6
Scottish Enterprise 2.65
Water Row public realm 1.1
Better Glasgow Fund 2.1

Estimated Total 9.4 Indicative Funding Package 9.4


Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:47 am
by Mori
Originaly posted by AlanM

With regard to Water Row, this ‘street’ has been highlighted as being extremely important, not only in terms of
its historical significance but also in relation to its future role in providing both a visual and a physical link to the
River Clyde and destinations beyond Govan. As such, it is intended to upgrade Water Row but not by replacing
the surface but instead by lifting and re-instating the existing setts to improve its condition. This will represent a
major step forward in re-establishing and strengthening the route from the town centre to the river front and
potential ferry terminal.

Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:53 am
by tombro

Love that second pic. As a kid in the late 1950's I crossed the Clyde many times on the little ferries to visit my Gran in Govan and my brother still has a charcoal drawing of one of the ferries that my late dad won in a work raffle in the 1950's.

I seem to remember two distinct ferries, one crossing from the bottom of the now non-existent Clydeferry Street (I had an aunt who lived in that street) and the other from up closer to Partick. Am I right in assuming that your pic is of where the Partick Ferry landed on the Govan side and, if so, where exactly did the former ferry land on the Govan side ?

Love an answer from anyone !

Tombro :)

Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:06 pm
by Mori

Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:01 pm
by Mori
A collage of images of the water row area.


Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:39 pm
by Mori

Work to start on Govan’s £2m facelift


Published on 14 Jan 2010

Work will start within weeks on giving a historic area of Glasgow a £2 million facelift.

Planners have given the go-ahead to a scheme which will result in the revamp of the civic square, Water Row, an area of ground in front of the Subway station and land in front of Govan shopping centre.

The work will involve resurfacing pavements and other public areas with Caithness stone and granite and installing stainless steel street furniture.
Steve Inch, the city council’s executive director of development and regeneration, said it is also hoped the square will be used for a Saturday market.
Mr Inch said the aim of the scheme, announced yesterday, is to re-establish and define the function of the square as a meaningful and useable public space. He added: “The design reflects the demands made of what will be a well-used civic space and will provide a setting for the listed church which is a significant feature in historical photographs of Govan town square.
“It also reserves an area for a proposed marquee which will be erected on market days to provide shelter.”
Mr Inch said an interactive sundial where the shadow of a person can tell the time will also be incorporated.
The existing fountain will be restored and engraved granite panels illustrating historic local events and art work.
A number of public meetings were held to ask the people of Govan what they wanted to happen in the area and more than 500 survey forms were handed out.
Govan councillor Stephen Dornan said: “About £68m of housing is being built in the area and this new plan is the first step in the regeneration of Govan Cross.
“If you go into an area which looks rundown you don’t want to be there.
“All that will change in the next few years and Govan will feel like a good place to be.”

Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:55 pm
by Mori
Site at River Clyde from Water Row to Napier Road.doc


The application site is located along the Clyde waterfront, and includes the area of walkway and landscaping
extending from Napier Drive to Water Row between the GHA housing and the River. Informally known as the
‘Riverside Walkway’, the former dock area is characterised by its irregular shape and changing levels due to its
previous use.
The application seeks full planning permission for environmental improvements to this area, involving regrading,
landscaping, the installation of street furniture, the upgrading of street lighting and resurfacing and is
being promoted by LES on behalf of the Glasgow Housing Association.
The scheme aims to consolidate the area by: addressing the changing levels through re-grading; the uplifting
and re-use of existing sets in a more appropriate manner; the use of new materials to maintain the general
theme and palette from Govan Town Centre and Water Row; the resurfacing of the existing footpath; and, the
rationalisation of existing landscaped areas.

In particular, in order to consolidate the changes in level, the re-grading works will lower and reconfigure the
existing raised planter areas, necessitating the loss of a number of trees which would not survive the
environmental changes. Replacement tree planting is proposed to compensate for the loss of the trees.

1j - Public realm works Water Row.doc


The application site is located within the Govan Conservation Area, on the edge of Govan Town Centre, and
extends north-eastwards from Govan Road, along Water Row to the former ferry landing at the Clydeside. The
site is bounded to the north by the River Clyde, to the east by the Riverside Walkway, housing, a vacant site
and Govan Cross Civic Square, to the south by the shopping centre, and to the west by tenemental properties,
a vacant site and a site currently in use as a yard by Show people.
The application seeks full planning permission for public realm improvements incorporating a number of
elements. In addition, there are three other related applications, all of which are subject of separate reports, and
include environmental improvements comprising landscaping and the resurfacing of part of the Clyde Walkway
from Napier Road to Water Row and the formation of pontoon facilities at Water Row and Yorkhill Quay.

The main element of this proposal concerns the resurfacing of the area known as Water Row, which extends
from Govan Road to the former ferry crossing and eastwards along the riverfront facing the site for the new
pontoon. The design and palette of materials reflect those used for the Govan Town Centre public realm
improvements which are now nearing completion and comprise a mix of Caithness stone and granite sets for
the surfacing and stainless steel street furniture.
Due to the need for vehicular access along Water Row to the Show people’s site and for emergency purposes,
it was a requirement that the area be designed to an adoptable standard and this has necessitated the
incorporation of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System to meet SEPA’s water quality requirements. As surface
water from Water Row discharges into the Clyde, a SUDS (swale) system will be installed to filter out pollutants.
A swale, which is essentially a grass covered drain or filter, will be positioned along the eastern boundary of the
site alongside a line of trees.
The works will result in the loss of the existing large raised planting bed located between Water Row and the
walkway which contains a number of semi-mature trees, however, this is necessary in order to widen the
walkway directly in front of the pontoon and will be replaced by a smaller lower level planting bed with
replacement trees.
In addition to the main resurfacing works, it is proposed to clear the existing overgrown area surrounding the
former ferry crossing and remove the unsightly high galvanised steel palisade fence. This will be replaced with a
standard height stainless steel railing, similar to that used elsewhere along the Clyde, and will extend eastwards
beyond the position of the new pontoon. An access gate will be fitted to allow access to and from the pontoon
and water and electricity will be provided at a suitable location for water users.
The removal and repositioning of the fence will also ensure that the original winch mechanisms for the ferry
crossing are fully revealed, making a clear reference to Govan’s link to the Clyde, and will enable open views
from the Town Centre and Water Row itself across the Clyde.
A new fence will also be erected along the western side of Water Row where it meets the Show people’s site
and a hedge will be planted along the inner edge of the fence to enhance privacy for residents. Street lighting
along Water Row and along the waterfront will be upgraded and these details will be submitted at a later date.


Re: Water Row

PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:21 pm
by Mori
Recopying this post from the River Clyde Regeneration thread as its relevant to Water Row.


Contract referenceGCC002276CPU

Project Codeproject_18000

Project Title

Provision of a Ferry Service-Water Row Quay to Kelvin Harbour Landing Stage
Project DescriptionThe successful operator (the “Ferry Operator”) will provide a pedestrian ferry service between Water Row Quay (Govan) Pontoon and Kelvin Harbour Landing Stage.

Please note the Ferry Operator will also be responsible for the provision, operation, maintenance and crewing of a suitable vessel(s), for the development of an operating schedule, for the management of passengers between the quayside and the vessel(s) at Water Row Quay (Govan) and Kelvin Harbour Landing Stage, the management of the ferry stop at Water Row Quay (Govan) and co-operating with Kelvin Harbour Limited with regard to the usage of Kelvin Harbour Landing Stage.

Additional notesEstimate Contract Start Date is 2nd-19th May 2011.
Contract start date02/05/2011
Listing Deadline19/01/2011
Procurement routeNon-EU-Procurement
Work categoryServices
Contract duration5 Years
Estimated contract value
BuyerMallan Marion
Buyer organisationGlasgow City Council
Last update to this opportunity07/12/2010
Web link
Number of Attachments[ 0 ]


Contract referenceGCC002230LES

Project Codeproject_17996

Project TitleGCC002230LES


Project Description“Expressions of interest are invited from suitably experienced contractors to carry out the Design & Construction of pontoons at Water Row Quay (Govan) and Yorkhill Quay.

For each location the Works comprise the following main pontoon elements:-

(i) Guided Rail pontoons capable of berthing vessels of individual maximum displacement weight of 200 Tonnes.
(ii) A fixed access and hinged access bridge extending from quay side shore frame bridgeheads, down to the main pontoon that moves with the tide.
(iii) Electrical & Water utility services.
(iv) Lighting coverage of the pontoon.
(v) Galvanised steel gate with electronic access keypad.
(vi) Provision of galvanised steel handrail.
(vii) Debris Deflectors.
(viii) Dredging Works may be required at the Govan location.

The specification for the works shall be the Specification for Highway Works, the conditions of the contract for the works shall be ICE Conditions of Contract Design & Construct 2nd Edition, dated September 2001.”
All documents will be available on eBravo on or shortly after 19th November 2010
Please submit all queries and submissions via eBravo.

Additional notes
Contract start date22/01/2011
Listing Deadline17/12/2010
Procurement routeNon-EU-Procurement
Work categoryWorks
Contract duration16 weeks
Estimated contract value500000
BuyerAdams-McKenzie Kirsten
Buyer organisationGlasgow City Council
Last update to this opportunity17/11/2010
Web link
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