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Postby Sharon » Wed Apr 09, 2003 2:43 pm

Closed hospital list:

Not Done:

Duke Street,
Baird Street,
Queen Mothers.
Waverley Park (Where)

Woodilea (Pish)
Lennox Castle (Better, but kinda pish)
Gartloch (Brilliant)
Belvedere (Minted, but secure)
Broomhill and Lanfine (Same site - minted but secure)
Cowglen (F'ing gone!)
Hartwood (not bad - part done)

Can anyone add to this list? (Glasgow and beyond)
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Postby Vambo » Mon May 05, 2003 11:31 pm

I had the pleasure of a night "inside" Stoneyetts when it was an Approved School - as security guard, at Christmas time. Did it wit my mate Cow. Took along a few cans and played pool all night.

Just like the inmates, really. In 197?, I think.

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Postby JayKay » Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:25 pm

Robroyston hospital isnt standing anymore, and the land was used for a housing development. The Asda in Robroyston - beside the M80- is alongside the former site of the hospital.

IIRC the fencing that divides the Asda from the housing beside it is from the original hospital.

Robroyston was AFAIR a hospital used for those suffering from TB, hence its (then) very rural location. It later had a variety of functions, including a maternity ward in the late 60's- I was born there!


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Postby _buff_ » Sat Aug 09, 2003 2:45 am

Hey folks

This is my first post to the site... so - HELLO!!

Anyway, I've been to a few of the hospitals on Sharon's 'done' list recently and thought I'd drop you a few updates... here goes:

Lennox Castle - Sadly this place is more or less flattened. The castle itself still stands and you can get inside by climbing through a hole in the fence and then a boarded up window which has been opened. The castle is falling apart and all the floors have collapsed, so once you're in there ain't much else to do but, well, climb out again!

Gartloch - Was there on Tuesday night and this place is amazing! It looks like it's due for redevelopment though as there were loads of security fences up and a security guard who'd made his home in one of the buildings near the main entrance. A few of the newer buildings have been destroyed but the older buildings are still standing and definately worth going to see... we also spotted some tunnels linking the buildings but since it was getting dark and I'm a big wimp we decided against going in! This place is definately a must see... watch out for the security though!

Broomhill and Lanfine - Again, this place is great but the building itself is really secure. There is a 24 hr security guard here and on our visit he saw us so we decided to be totally honest (before he called the police or set a dog on us), knocked on his portacabin door and asked if we could have a look around - he said 'yeah' but that it was entirely at our own risk since the place was on its last legs! An amazing building with some really cool grounds and architecture.

That's the lot so far... Planning on going to St Peter's Seminary at Cardross tomorrow which sounds like it's a bit of an amazing place.

Also, does anyone know anything about the Royal Ordanance Factory in Bishopton? (I'm in Langbank so it's pretty local) Apparently, it's closing later on this year, and I'm wondering if there's not going to be a bit of urban adventuring to be had when it does. I've been looking at the maps and it is absolutely HUARGE and has loads of underground tunnels and storage facilities... anyone got any info?

Take it easy folks

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Postby doonunda » Fri Sep 01, 2006 10:58 am

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Re: Madhouses

Postby Vinny the Mackem » Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:46 pm

downward_spiral wrote::twisted:

Ahem.. yes. Appropriate smiley though!

Does anyone happen to have a detailed list of mental homes that exist(ed) in the Glasgow area, or indeed, even central Scotland?

So far I know of Woodilee, Lennox Castle, Bellsdyke, Gartloch, Gartnavel, Leverndale, and the RSNH in Larbert.

Bonus points if anyone can tell me if any parts of any others are still standing, in any shape or form.


Current Psychiatric Units

MacKinnon House, Stobhill
Parkhead Hospital
Gartnavel Royal
Monklands General (Wards 25 & 25)
Inverclyde Royal (Greenock)
Ravenscraig (Greenock)
Royal Alexandra, Paisley
Dykebar Hospital, Paisley
Christie Ward, Vale of Leven Alexandria
Ailsa Hospital, Ayr
Crosshouse, Kilmarnock
Stratheden, Fife
Lynebank, Fife
Bellsdyke, Larbert
Stirling Royal
Falkirk Royal
Wishaw General
St John's Livingston
Royal Edinburgh
Rosslynlee, Roslin
State Hospital, Carstairs!!

I'm sure there may be others, but these are the only ones I can think of just now!
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