Gorbals Cross Fire 1965

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Gorbals Cross Fire 1965

Postby Henrysix » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:34 am

My younger brother and I were in the top flat at number 52 and yes we came oot the windae on the Firemans back, got the newspaper article to prove it.

Anyway, an early memory is there was a newsagent at the bottom of the flats and it was run by a Mr Ralston (could he be related to Judith), I used to get my copy of Victor and the Valiant from him and in 1969/70 I got my first ten new pence from him, it was so shiny.

On a Friday depending upon if my faither had done in his wages or not the three of us were off up to Eglington Street Toy shop, for a Corgi or a Dinky (wish I had them now and in their boxes)

And it wisnae every Friday either I can tell you!
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