Houston Racecourse

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Houston Racecourse

Postby paulkilberry » Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:23 am

This might be something of a longshot, but I'm trying to find out information on a long-defunct racecourse in Houston, Renfrewshire. The course was situated at various locations in the vicinity of the village (as was often the case with race meetings at this time). For instance, the 1861 meet was run on the Elderslie Estate around farms of Waterlee, Greenhill, Cleaves and Stubilee, immediately behind the village of Houston. In 1863 it was staged in the vicinity of Baroehan Cross. I know for sure that the meeting took place annually from 1861-66, but reports from newspapers suggest earlier meetings. There was also a brief revival in the 1890s. The meeting was staged under the auspicies of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt, and attracted large numbers of visitors from Glasgow and Paisley.
From what I've gleaned, the meeting was last staged on an annual basis in 1866 and, I think, the meeting then merged with the Eglinton Hunt Meeting, staged at Bogside. (The Earl of Eglinton was a steward at both meetings.)
What I'm looking for is possibly a plan of the course, or evidence of its location on a map, and some more evidence that the two meetings were connected. Anything related to this long-lost racecourse would be appreciated.

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Re: Houston Racecourse

Postby yonza bam » Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:26 pm

A racecourse can't be situated at various locations! What you are almost certainly referring to is point-to-point racing. This is steeplechase racing, usually 3 miles, held on open farmland.

These days, point-to-point race meetings are held at specific venues throughout the country, but in the era you're referring to the exact location of the meeting may have changed from year to year
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