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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby potatojunkie » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:00 pm

Shuggys a dumplin wrote:There is a large swell of support down at the Tail o the Bank for the Save Otago Lane campaign and many have been signing the online petition. I am sure there will be support offered if a protest is organised.

Yas. Mon 'e 'Ton.

The slippery fuck's at it again. Details here:
I will shoot you:
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby Mori » Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:47 am

This one has been going on for quite some time with the locals up in arms about the Otago Lane being taken from them.


As you will see this has been submitted under the same reference number as the previous application 10/03061/DC. We understand this to mean that there are few (if any) changes to the previous set of plans, however, we will be applying to the DRS to have a full set available via this website.

Reference: 10/03061/DC Community Cnl: Hillhead

Address: Site At 65-77 Otago Street Glasgow

Proposal: Erection of residential development and associated landscaping: Potentially contrary to
Development Policy Principle DEV 11 Greenspace of City Plan 2

Date Received: 24.12.2010 Date Valid: 21.01.2011

Applicant Details:
Otago Street Developments Ltd

Agent Details:
Idpartnership Scotland
95 South Woodside Road GLASGOW G20 6NT

Ward: Hillhead Representation Expiry Date: 05.12.2011

Type: Full Planning Permission Level: Local Development

Case Officer: Mr A Dale, 0141 287 6016

Listing: Cons Area: Glasgow West

Map Reference: (E) 257314 (N) 666799
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby BrigitDoon » Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:17 pm

What is needed is a colony of rare bats to make their home in Otago Lane. Can't do anything while there's a protected species on the premises. Sadly, bookworms don't count.
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby Bingo Bango » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:40 am

Bingo Bango
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby Mori » Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:33 am

Looks like the new proposal might get the Nod.

10/03061/DC | Erection of residential development and associated landscaping: Potentially contrary to Development Policy Principle DEV 11 Greenspace of City Plan 2 | Site At 65-77 Otago Street Glasgow

After withdrawing the previous scheme the applicant has now submitted a proposal to erect three residential
blocks accommodating a total of 4 townhouses and 45 flats. When first submitted the scheme showed red
sandstone as the predominant external material. However, amended drawings were submitted which form the
current proposal. These involved external alterations to the building including a change to red brick as the
predominant material and one of the proposed blocks being moved further north along the bank of the River
In terms of the proposal now under consideration, the first block, which is situated on the north side of the lane,
incorporates a terrace of 4 townhouses and an adjoining unit of 6 flats. The townhouses are three storeys high
with pitched roofs and incorporate large dormer windows in the top floor which are set predominantly below
eaves level. The townhouses have private rear gardens incorporating refuse storage areas. The portion of the
block accommodating the flats is three storeys high with a flat roof. The townhouses and flats all take their
primary access point from the frontage to the lane. This block is identified as Block B by the applicant and for
consistency the block titles identified by the applicant will be used in this report. For the avoidance of doubt 65 –
77 Otago Street has been identified as Block A, however, there are no physical proposals relating to these
The second block (Block C) is proposed to be set into the sloping bank of the Kelvin with its main frontage
facing onto the river. This would be located to the north of the point where Otago Lane terminates. This block
is five storeys in height and would accommodate 19 flats. As this would be excavated into the river bank the
rear (west) elevation of the basement level would face out onto a retaining wall with ground levels aligning just
above the finished floor level of the floor above. The block would have a flat roof with the top floor recessed
from the south to create a terrace area. The top level is to be finished in zinc cladding while the primary
external material will be red brick.
Block E and Block D are connected to form one block and share the same point of access off Otago Lane.
However they are titled separately to reflect the difference in their relative forms. Block E is situated on the
south side of Otago Lane adjacent to the eastern gable of the existing mews property and aligns with the
building line set by front wall of the mews’. At its point nearest the existing mews the block has a relatively
shallow footprint meaning it has approximately half the depth of the adjacent mews building. As the block
projects further away from the mews, towards the river, it widens to incorporate the site’s full width where it
abuts Block E. Block D has a total of 4 storeys and has a pitched roof proposed to be finished in concrete tiles.
Again the primary external material is red brick. The application includes a 1.3 metre wide passageway leading
between the mews and Block E which leads to a small courtyard area which would be enclosed to the north and
east by Block D / E. Fenestration is shown to the elevation overlooking Otago Lane and to the rear overlooking
the small courtyard. There is no internal access leading to the courtyard.
Block D continues east of Block E and extends down river bank where its east elevation sits approximately
3 metres from the edge of the River Kelvin. The elevation to the lane continues the line set by Block E and the
mews. The block has 7 storeys as it presents to the lane but 8 storeys where it returns to face the river due to
the change in levels at the river bank. The top floor, which has a flat roof, is to be finished in zinc cladding and
is recessed on the river elevation to accommodate a terrace set behind a parapet wall. A small terrace is shown
adjacent to the courtyard behind block E which is accessed via a bedroom at basement level.
The proposal incorporates a parking area at the rear of 65-77 Otago Street. This would have a total of 13
spaces set in a row opposite the existing garages in the basement level of the Otago Street flats. This would be
accessed off Otago Lane between the northern gable end of Block B and the rear of 77 Otago Street. To the
east of the parking area would be an area of amenity space incorporating a grassed communal space and new
tree planting. Landscape planting is proposed along the river edge in front of Block C. The river bank between
Block C and Block D is to be excavated in order to provide flood attenuation storage. This will involve a shallow
terrace leading to a 5 metre high retaining wall situated at the end of Otago Lane. It is proposed to plant five
trees within this space along with further planting along the river frontage.

The proposed accommodation consists of:-

  • One bed flats - 10,
  • Two bed flats - 20,
  • Three bed flats - 15,
  • Four bed townhouses - 4,

The existing electricity substation is shown as being retained within the proposed landscaped area. Between
the parking and landscaped area is a linear refuse and recycling space serving the entire development.
As the proposal involves the relocation of part of the adopted turning head into the existing parking the
applicants will need to promote a stopping up order.
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby hound dog » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:50 pm

hound dog
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby SomeRandomBint » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:16 pm

Not good news. This was posted on the Save Otago Lane facebook page yesterday, after the planning meeting to decide on its fate:

Sad day for Otago Lane, it will no longer exist in its current form as GCC in their infinite wisdom have passed the plans, despite the multitude of design points contravening their own rules and regulations. You'd almost think they'd made up their minds beforehand...

Planning permission has been granted, objections have been dismissed. Farewell Otago Lane, then :(
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Re: Save Otago Lane

Postby Socceroo » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:59 pm

Layout of the development. I wonder if it will go ahead immediately following Planning Consent.

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