Transforming Pollok Country Park?

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Transforming Pollok Country Park?

Postby Some Guy » Thu Aug 29, 2019 11:46 am

<Blows 15 year old dust off profile>

I came across some information:

1.0 Background
The Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park is currently being redeveloped and will re-open in 2021. There is also significant investment in Pollok House, and it is predicted that these attractions will play a key role in drawing visitors and citizens to Pollok Country Park and to the south of the city. Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life recognise the opportunity to make improvements to the park as a whole and are developing the Transforming Pollok Country Park project, which aims to:

-Improve the management and care of the park’s heritage assets;
-Support the establishment of a day out offer in Pollok Country Park;
-Remove barriers to access;
-Increase usage by the communities surrounding the park
-Improve orientation of the attractions within the park and of the park within the city;
-Improve transport links to the park generally and the Burrell Collection, Pollok House and other attractions specifically.

2.0 Proposals
Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life have been developing access and orientation proposals as part of this project. They engaged with the public and other stakeholders about the Pollok Country Park Transformation Project and initial access and orientation proposals between November 2018 and May 2019. The reactions and comments offered during this process have subsequently informed the plans being developed.
Emerging proposals involve improving accessibility, promoting public transport and pedestrian links, improving connectivity to local areas and modifying private car access and vehicular routes. Changes to car park facilities and arrangements around car parking charges are also proposed. The focus is on enhancing access and orientation from the eastern edge of the Country Park to deliver improvements in advance of the reopening of the Burrell Collection.
Plans are underpinned by the following guiding principles:-

-Remove barriers to access.
-Prioritise access to Pollok Country Park via public transport.
-Prioritise pedestrian and cyclist access.
-Make the park a navigable and enjoyable space.
-Reduce the number of vehicles passing through the park.
-Encourage visitors to leave their cars at home.

Key proposals are as follows:

-The creation of improved pedestrian and cycling routes leading from the existing main entrance on Pollokshaws Road to the Burrell Collection and Pollok House. This entrance is adjacent to Pollokshaws West train station and main bus routes.

-Improvements in the onward routes from this access point will support the use of public transport by park users.

-Improvements will include lighting, provision of shelter and rest points, and physical changes to support level access.

-General vehicular access to the park will no longer be supported at this entrance in order to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists and to limit the area of the park negatively affected by private vehicles. Controlled access will continue to be provided for the allotments and tied properties.

-An improved entrance for cars and buses at Haggs Road, adjacent to the current vehicular exit. This will allow access for double decker buses and reduce the area of the park negatively affected by private vehicles. The existing exit road will be altered to allow two way traffic between the new vehicular entrance and the Burrell Collection. A drop off point near Pollok House will also be created. Accessible parking spaces will be provided at the Burrell Collection and at the new perimeter car park.

-The creation of a new perimeter car park on the site of a disused blaes hockey pitch adjacent to the new entrance. This will keep the majority of private vehicles on the edge of the park thereby improving the amenity in the heart of the park.

-The creation of a separate lit footpath between the Haggs Road exit / entrance area and the Burrell Collection (currently pedestrians share the road surface with exiting vehicles on this route).

-The closure of the east west route through the park for private vehicles reducing the number and impact of cars in the park.

-Direct access to the riverside car park at Pollok House will be will be maintained via the north west entrance / exit road.

3.0 Car Parking in Pollok Country Park
Currently, there is a charge for parking in the central Burrell Collection car park of £1 per day with all other car parking spaces being free. At busy periods the car parks are full and visitors regularly park along the sides of access roads and on verges, reducing the effective width of the roads. The proposed operational parking model for Pollok Country Park would contain all parking within properly designed parking spaces and introduce a uniform charge for all parking within the park.
Charging for parking in Pollok Country Park will:
Encourage people to leave their cars at home.
Meet capital investment and maintenance costs.
Any surplus will be reinvested into the park.
The price of the proposed charge for all car parking is being considered and benchmarked with similar UK attractions.

4.0 Progress and Next Steps
The changes described here are to be the subject of a planning application. Formal pre-planning consultation will begin in the week commencing 22nd July and last for a period of 12 weeks. During this time a consultation event will be held at Pollokshaws Library on the 10th September from 12 noon – 8pm. This consultation process will provide members of the public and stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the proposals and ensure their views are reflected in the finalised proposals. Information on proposals and consultation event will also be shared in Kier’s community cabin located next to the Burrell Collection and in local libraries.
Following this consultation process, a formal planning application will be submitted in mid-late 2019 (planned for October 2019) in order to ensure improvements are in place ahead of the Burrell Collection re-opening. The anticipated site start date will be early-mid 2020 to deliver works by early 2021.

Any queries or questions should be emailed to:

Additional Information:
Google Maps Satellite view,-4.3168978,2310m/data=!3m1!1e3
PDF of historical information

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the proposal. For the most part, I think carparks built on the ash fields is not ideal. I see the logic in the proposal, but Haggs road is particularly busy and I don't think it's the best access point. The NE entrance beside the motorway ramps would be a more logical choice, with the carpark being beside the allotments, or as existing beside the Burrell collection itself (but extended).
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