Does Glasgow need new shops?

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Re: Does Glasgow need new shops?

Postby dimairt » Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:57 pm

On way to the GFT last night, we counted eight shop premises lying vacant on Sauchiehall St between Cambridge St. and Douglas St.


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Re: Does Glasgow need new shops?

Postby SomeRandomBint » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:58 pm

dimairt wrote:On way to the GFT last night, we counted eight shop premises lying vacant on Sauchiehall St between Cambridge St. and Douglas St.



Are they all shops though? Off the top of my heid, in that area, I can think of at least four which are vacant restaurants/cafes (Costa moved over the road, then there's Bradfords, Vanilla Blacks and the old Paperino's which opened up as something else and lasted about 5 minutes).

The shops would be where the Celtic Shop used to be, plus the unit next door that had a shouty man selling perfume from it last Christmas. The Cheque Shop, Biggars Pawnbrokers which only vacated in the last month or so, then there's the former Wine Shop.

Am I a bad person for not wanting anything to big to move along that way? I quite like it the way it is - I can get everything I need round the corner without having to pay a fortune for rent or running the gauntlet of Sauchiehall Street "proper". :D

By the way, the block where Jumpin' Jaks is will be coming down at some point and new student accommodation going up. That'll be a few more shop units at street level and potentially a new pub or two.
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Re: Does Glasgow need new shops?

Postby RapidAssistant » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:56 am

my thoughts...

Chain Stores - too many of them, and those that can survive the onslaught of Amazon and eBay will become the preserve of the malls and retail parks eventually. By all means I'd love to see more foreign chain stores with different merchanidse that no-one else has, but we NEED four branches of JD Sports, three branches of Clinton Cards, 2 branches of Argos that are duplicated in retail parks and so on??

Big Department Stores An upmarket name like Selfridges or Harvey Nicks - would keep Glasgow competitive with Edinburgh, and also act as an anchor to regenerate the shops around them. Such a shame the former walked away from the Goldbergs site - it would have made a massive difference to the Trongate area.

Speciality Shops - definately. We need more quirky shops selling specialist goods, and just more quirky, interesting stuff you can't get either online or in the big chains. It would make the high street a million times more interesting. There is a paradox here though because these little operations are unlikely to be able to afford City Centre / West End rates.....

Pubs - - you hear all the mutterings about how they are struggling to survive etc...everyone wants to blame it on cheap supermarket booze etc, the smoking ban etc, but those are just one of a number of factors. Coupled to the fact that the "better" pubs in Glasgow with their stuffy dress codes (lets face it you see pub brawls break out among immaculately dressed people as well....) and "your face fits" door policies put a lot of people off from going out I think. From a personal perspective I'm quite happy crashing out in front of the TV in my trainers and joggers with a cerry-oot from Tescos watching the box where I don't have to shout at the top of my voice to hold a conversation. Pubs are becoming an acquired taste, in other words.

Restaurants - well yes. But has to be pitched at the right level Michelin starred and big name chef restaurants have crashed and burned in this city numerous times - the offering needs to be stylish, different and affordable.. But not more curry houses...we have enough of those already.
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