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Postby Henrysix » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:35 pm

Buchan Street I remember a Robert Lindsay and a Brian Cochran’s, night have known me as Harry

Then ther was Wolseley Street school great teacher was Mrs Wallerstein and headmistress a Mrs Bryce, got a photo of the winning school football team with Jim Baxter at the back must be about 1968, remember a Lego Dickenson, Peter Reid, George Sutherland, a Willie, a Marty and Shuggy and Donald Campbell

Last one was Adelphi Secondary School where sports master was a Mr Curran and I had a mate called Hames Callaghan.

Sad thing is nobody remembers where I live, born in Kames Street opposite the Dixon’s Blazes and at the Gorbals Cross, Glasgow City Council tell me street at the Blazes never existed, anyway be good to hear from anyone!
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