Nuclear war in Glasgow

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Nuclear war in Glasgow

Postby Julie1212 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:07 pm


I'm writing a book about how ordinary people prepared for nuclear war during the Cold War. I've found some great info at The Mitchell, such as using Ibrox and The Kelvin Hall as rallying points in evacuating the city. I've also found draft railway timetables which had trains leaving Queen St and Central every few minutes, round the clock for days, to evacuate people.

But I wanted to ask if anyone here had personal memories of nuclear fear in Glasgow? Did you attend any protests? Was there a siren on top of your school? Did you ever hear it tested and get a fright? Did you play near a nuclear bunker as a child? Did your parents (or you) prop a door against the wall in trying to make a shelter?


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Re: Nuclear war in Glasgow

Postby octavia » Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:47 pm

yep remember that time , I recall seeing stickers on pedestrian crossings telling of impending doom all around Glasgow , but staying in east Kilbride ,also there was a great deal of mystery around the n.e.l circa 1982, nuclear bunker built for the elite ,.
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Re: Nuclear war in Glasgow

Postby Delmont St Xavier » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:13 am

The Cold War was at its zenith when I was at school in the early 1980’s and the talk was of the ‘5 minute warning’ which was just a farce to begin with. We never saw nuclear bunkers, nor did we focus on such survival issues, as our thoughts were ‘what would we do with the 5 minutes we had left?’ As schoolchildren, with hormones raging we had all decided that we grab the first member of the opposite sex and have sex with them – that was seriously the main focus on our minds at that time of the Cold War.

My issue was what I’d do with the remaining 4 minutes after having sex….. :wink:
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Re: Nuclear war in Glasgow

Postby gent2012 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:44 pm

I remember waking up some nights during heavy thunderstorms wondering if the thunder was a "bomb" hitting Glasgow - I think I was an imaginative little soul then!

IIRC, the nearest siren to us was on a building in Bellshill opposite the old George cinema - it was rarely operated, but when you were waiting quietly for a bus home after the Saturday matinee, the wail did encourage many an unplanned underwear change!

Ironically, some years later I lived in the "People's Republic of South Yorkshire", which declared itself both a nuclear-free and a demilitarized zone. Not bad for a county that hosted at least one nuclear bomber base and several other military facilities.
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