Findynate House

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Findynate House

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An outstanding all round Perthshire Estate - Findynate - with a magnificent house in the Highland tradition. Perth 28 miles, Edinburgh 66 miles.

Within the mansion house are four reception rooms. kitchen and domestic offices, ten bedrooms, four bathrooms, a traditional coach house, walled garden and arboretum.

In about 1,365 acres there is entertaining stalking with 5 stags and 5 hinds annually, grouse shooting potential and roe stalking, Exciting established pheasant shoot, salmon and trout fishing on the River Tay with 7 names pools, 3 hill lochs offering fishing and duck flighting. It also has nine estate houses, a livestock farm with productive grassland, and significant development opportunities.

A company carrying out a massive restoration of a Scottish mansion has been fined £10,000 after workers were poisoned by lead paint. Several east European workers were found to have contracted lead poisoning which could affect their health for 25 years, while restoring the estate of Dutch construction billionaire Dik Wessels.

He had commissioned specialist firm Blairish Restorations to undertake an £800,000 programme to revamp historic Findynate House at Strathtay, Perthshire. The property had not been fully redecorated since 1908. Fiscal depute Sally Clark told Perth Sheriff Court that workers on the project had not been told that the paint they were sanding down contained harmful lead.

She said: 'A large amount of dust got into the workers bodies by inhalation and ingestion. Beyond the provision of ineffective dust masks there was no attempt to control it by Blairish.' Two of the men were hospitalised with abdominal pain, a classic lead poisoning symptom. A further five workers were examined and found to have suffered lead poisoning and the entire project was brought to a halt as the area was cleared. The dust was also spread to workers' homes, potentially endangering their families, from the workers' overalls.

Blairish Restorations admitted failing to ensure staff were not exposed to risk from lead dust between March and August 2008 and as a result of the inhalation and ingestion seven people suffered injury to their health. Sheriff William Gilchrist fined Blairish Restorations £10,000.
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