Tunnels in Lanarkshire

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Re: Tunnels in Lanarkshire

Postby sheepdug » Mon May 04, 2009 9:25 am

Hey standing stone --- have you any other experience of tunnels in and around these areas (i.e. lanarkshire ?) if so can you be a bit more precise to their location. Oh and to just to add a random factor here - has anyone else found the 5 or six castles that I have came across while um..river walking between stonehouse and larkhall ? - some quality finds doon there if anyone wants a swatchola !
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Re: Tunnels in Lanarkshire

Postby mrbongo » Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:43 am

I can remember both my parents and grandparents talking about a section of road caving in in Hamilton, revealing a tunnel, which I believe was in Muir Street. Not sure exactly when this happened but we're talking 60 years or more ago - I'll ask around. Wrong direction for Chatelherault but was said to be linked to the palace.

There are rumours of tunnels running from Torrance House to Calderwood Castle (in East Kilbride). Has anyone else heard of this? There are the remains of two hatches in the ground in what was the grounds of Calderwood Castle, which were accessible until the early eighties. I must admit I never had the bottle to go down but I know plenty of folk who did. I was told there was a room with a wooden table and an opening in the floor which dropped down into darkness. I got the impression that it was more of a natural fissure in the rock than a shaft into a tunnel though.

There are two other tunnel-like structures in that vicinity- one very near the site of the castle, where excavations (10 years ago) revealed a sandstone archway several feet below ground. It's tall enough to walk down at a stoop but has water standing in it, so may just be a culverted burn.

The other I remember was a rectangular opening in the steep side of the glen just above the level of the river, on the northern bank. That one looked a bit more foreboding though - it was only about 3 feet high an I never knew anyone who ventured into it! Wish I wasn't such a sh*te bag as a child!

Will return to my old stomping ground to investigate...
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Re: Tunnels in Lanarkshire

Postby moonbeam » Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:59 pm

I seem to recall these tunnels from my youth many years ago. I assumed they were a form of drainage. They were big enough for a 12 year old to scramble into them.
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