Possible Nuclear Bunker?

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Re: Possible Nuclear Bunker?

Postby escotregen » Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:58 am

Buzby thanks for that valuable information. I hadn’t known that this bunker was so well equipped and I’m going to enquire further… I've had some drama material waiting around for a long time in the hope of such a venue.

On that other website; you have to laugh or you’d cry. I recall reading in the nuclear bunker up at Fife, some Glasgow Herald articles from circa the 70s when an Official Scottish twat was opinionating that Glasgow offered much protection against a nuclear attack because of its 'traditional tenemental stock' :roll: – aye Jimmy like rows of well-built grilling racks for the victims who stayed inside just as the official ‘advice’ instructed them to.

Dougie... aye, ah knew we wiz awe doomed right enough :cry: .

If you can confirm that information about the valves being installed in the 1980s that is intriguing and I’d love to hear more. One of the reasons it is interesting is because by that time the ‘official’ UK policy had given up on the posture of pretending that the UK civilian population could be protected… also, I hope I was able to demonstrate that the location would not appeal to nuclear war planners… therefore what were they up to if they were providing this venue with such equipment? Diddly-deed, diddly-deed, suddenly the story took another twist :o .
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Re: Possible Nuclear Bunker?

Postby grantgrant » Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:29 am

It would seem plausabile that glasgow would have a nuclear shelter of some description, but as for the location of queen street ???? anyway, i spend a good couple of months working in edinburghs' waverly station, was anybody aware that from the service tunnels at the back of coopers bar you can proceed to go down no less than 7 levels. The site of the old edinburgh leith line is down there as well as police shooting gallerys. Now for the weird part, get down to level 4 ( now the furthest you can go) and you come accross a concrete slab completely sealing further access marked with the biohazard sign and the word DANGER.
anybody know more ??

If anyone knows anything more about this it would be great if they could post on the 'Edinburgh Tunnels' thread in the 'Around the World' Section. Thanks
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