The Lost Gardens of Pollok St.

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Re: The Lost Gardens of Pollok St.

Postby ozneil » Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:17 am

Hi everyone, I am actually not Ozneil but his wife, Irene. I hope that it is ok to join in.
I came across this great site while researching my mother's family tree. My grandfather, Andrew McKean, a mercantile clerk, lived at 40 Pollock Street from about 1903. He was born in Muslin St, moved to Mathieson St when he married and then Bell St, Dennistoun.
His wife was called Mary and at that time they had four children, Jean, Andrew, May and Muriel. Andrew joined up for the army underage and died in the war. He was the only son. After that the family moved to Shawlands.
His father was a handloom weaver from Strathaven forced to the city for a factory job. Fascinating stuff this genealogy.
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Re: The Lost Gardens of Pollok St.

Postby FrenchyM » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:19 am

I lived in Maxwell Parish Church, 111 Pollok Street. My mum and dad (Robert and Cathy French) were the Church Officers from about 1959 to 1969. The gardens were a very cruel joke to play on kids as when I came out to play each day there they were - beautiful gardens right in front of us! Drove my parents crazy asking "Why?" I couldn't play in them. Remember Akbars Store across the road. Remember Kerrigans at corner of Pollok Street and Houston Street. So many stories - where do I start?
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Re: The Lost Gardens of Pollok St.

Postby Vinegar Tom » Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:15 pm

My Great Grandmother , known as "Gran Kerr", lived in Houston Street just around from where my Dad his family stayed in Ardgowan Street.

This is a scan of a postcard intended for Gran Kerr (hopefully a stock postcard and not a relative ::): ), as you can see from the rear it was never sent.

ImageBaby in a Big Shoe by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr

ImageBaby Rear by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr

Also a photo of Gran Kerr from what must be The Ayr Pavillion going by the spelling and the reference to Bobby Jones:

ImageGran Kerr at The Pavillion by Vinegar Tom, on Flickr
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