Glasgow Central Station & Railways

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Re: Glasgow Central Station & Railways

Postby aland » Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:47 pm

dave2 wrote:IIRC the only UK based manufacturer is Bombardier (Canadian owned), who built the (latest generation) diesels used on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line, and are currently working on the new underground carriages for London underground.

Scotland has no Rolling Stock Manufacturers - AIUI Brush Barclay at Kilmarnock, and Glasgow Works in Springburn only do maintenance and refurbishment, not construction.

sadly very true, the last mainline loco to be built in britan was a class 60 in the early 90's by Brush. It is possible for Barclays at Kilmarnock to build but they are just doing refurbs and to a very high standard, they also do the majority of wheelset works for the mainline as well as the heritage sector as they do a far better job than Springburn

I just hope the new stuff for ayrshire when delivered actually runs and doesnt break down as the 334's were fookinbg useless when 1st delivered, all they did for the 1st 2 years was break down leaving commuters stranded in hellhole places like Glengarnock, Lochwinnoch and just outside Kilwinning. Used to carry a set of waterproofs in my kitbag for taht reason, mind one night stranded at Dalry with the linme blocked, me and a mate actually walked to kilwinning
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