The William Wallace Monument

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Re: The William Wallace Monument

Postby Aulyin » Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:47 am

Hi LB,
It looks as if your had the same Scottish history as me and thousands of others. I went back to college as a mature student to take "Rural Recreation and Tourism Management with Heritage Studies", which, after the second term, lost the Heritage Studies part, the part I signed up for.

Initial readage suggests the Lübeck Letter's contents have been known for quite a while by the way, though that copy of it was found fairly recently.

I'm not too well read up on this, but I read somewhere that the Lubeck Letter was "re-discovered" (mmmmm???) in 1995.

Dr Fiona Watson in 1999 wrote a well researched report on the Wallace subject saying of (New) Cumnock castle:
Owned by the eastern nobleman, Patrick, earl of Dunbar, Cumnock castle played no obvious role in the first phase of the wars with England, probably because it remained in Scottish hands and there is no documentary evidence to account for it. However, once Robert Bruce had seized the Scottish throne, it was manned by an English garrison under Sir Ingram d’Umfraville, once a Scottish guardian, and Sir William Felton. The castle also had the dubious honour of being the point at which the dying Edward I, desperate to bring Robert Bruce to book, was forced to turn back into England in 1307 due to his ill health. Edward II also stayed there during his campaign in August 1307. The castle was restocked immediately after Bruce’s skirmish with an English force at Loudoun Hill, suggesting that it was regarded as strategically critical in this period, as the English sought, unsuccessfully, to encircle the Scottish king.

The report is well worth a read: ( ... allace.pdf )

Cheers, Aulyin
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