Abbotsford School, Gorbals.

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Re: Abbotsford School, Gorbals.

Postby Wee Harry » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:44 am

Brilliant stuff this, when I was last at hame I bugged the council to refresh the paint job on the bridges over the Clyde and redo the coat of arms which were just amass of paint and looked like a wax seal, its when you step away from the town and look back that you realise what the architecture is and it is top quality BUT oor officials dont look after things do they, I went to Buchan Street, Wolseley Street and Adelphi Terrace, you dont appreciate it at the time.

Pics were a delight to see.
Wee Harry
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Re: Abbotsford School, Gorbals.

Postby War Baby » Thu May 26, 2016 7:23 am

I passed by this school a couple of days ago, and it interests me because my grandmother lived at 63 Abbotsford Place in 1911. She was aged 17 at that time, and had a job but I think she may well have been a pupil at this school a couple of years earlier.
I am guessing that if she lived in Abbotsford Place, she would likely go to this school, though Scotland St School isn't too far away. Would Scotland St school have been built at that time?
Going by the photos here, Abbotsford looks like a top notch school. It looks posh. Was it just like an ordinary school? Parents weren't charged a fee for sending their children there, were they?
War Baby
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