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Postby Speedbird » Thu Aug 19, 2004 3:36 pm

I have only been on this group for a little while, and I already know there are tunnels under Glasgow, where to find Merkland street station, and now that GC is on a flooded village.
Thanks, plenty of things for me to try and look into.

Ay ay ay!
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Postby Schiehallion » Mon Aug 23, 2004 8:34 pm

Speedbird wrote:I wonder too.

I have been down underneath to certain parts, but that was a few years ago now, and was just to visit a model railway club that have, or at least had a room there in one of those old rooms.

If you know where the lift is at the right hand side of the station, sort of opposite the entrance to the low level, then it was down there.
There was also what looked like a firedoor that led to stairs down beside it.
Round about platform 10 or 11 if I remember.

This, it would appear, was just at the same level as the road that goes up to the carpark.
I was not aware of these rooms beforehand, and I am even more curious now to hear that there is much more.
Exactly how deep does it go to??

The lift and fire escape led down to the Red Star Parcels. For anyone who hasn't been down there, you can walk through from the Red Star office in Hope St along corridors coming out on Union St next to Greggs.

That part at the Union St end is ScotRail's stationery and ticket stock store. Another part under the station in ScotRail's training suite. This is accessed from near the Bureau De Change.

To be honest, under the station is not as mysterious as the myths would suggest.
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