Did King Street and Clyde Street ever used to intersect?

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Did King Street and Clyde Street ever used to intersect?

Postby Jardine_Grandkid » Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:38 pm

**update** I figured out just now that my grandfather's parents lived at an intersection of King and Clyde back in their town in Canada. It was in different handwriting than my gfather's. Oh well. I guess I was barking up the wrong tree.

In any case, this is a fantastic forum! If I get to Glasgow one day I will check in here first! :D

Earlier message:
Hello Hidden Glaswegians from across the pond in Canada!

First post here on HG :) I figured you hidden folks would have a better idea about how things used to be a few generations ago! I am looking at a portrait photo postcard of my grandfather back when he served in WWI. I believe the photo was taken somewhere in Britain while he was stationed there for training in 1916. On the back of the postcard he is explaining to his mother that the "pound" is a bit like a "dollar" -- "once you break it, it is gone" and that he doesn't have a lot of money for things. Anyway, unfortunately for identification purposes I don't see a post cancellation of any kind, no date, no stamp. I can just barely make out the handwriting "Subject alone. Corner of King St. and Clyde". I am guessing he went on leave to Scotland and visited Glasgow (guessing because of the Clyde River). I have looked at some maps (old and new) of Glasgow, and King Street comes close to Clyde but stops at Bridgegate. I have noticed some streets there have changed their names over time. Any chance Shipbank Lane used to be called King Street? Or might there have been tiny portrait studios near the train station in that area? At the former Paddy's Market? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
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