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Postby gingyer » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:02 pm

Hi All,
I am looking for help or any information relating to the formation of the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC) units in Glasgow.

To help a bit of background, most people have heard or seen the Air Training Corps (ATC) or Air cadets.
Prior to the ATC the organisation was called the Air Defence Cadet Corps, formed in 1938 until they were changed to the ATC on the 5th Feb 1941. The first unit in Scotland was 32F (1st Scottish) Air Defence Cadet Corps which was based at 602 Squadron RAuxAF Centre, Copelaw Street (sometimes referred to Copelaw Street Barracks but that was actually a separate building) in Govanhill. Glasgow went on to have 8 separate squadrons with over 5000 Cadets aged 16 to 18 training for joining the RAF by 1945 making it one of the biggest areas in the UK.

So Why am I interested, I am the unit commander of 32F, now known as 32F (1st Glasgow) Air Training Corps and we are trying to get as much of the unit history as possible. Unfortunately the RAF and UK Archives have nothing listed for these units prior to Feb 1945, the Mitchell Library archives don't have anything either, so I am trying to local forums like this for help, someone somewhere may just know the answer.... I hope

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