Land Access in Scotland

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Re: Land Access in Scotland

Postby larrytrooper » Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:15 pm

We owned a farm near Drymen and we allowed a good number of various activities on the grounds over the years, mainly charity events. We also allowed camping and I had quite a run in with one of our water bailiffs (he picked his targets, usually young kids fishing) he was a bit of a bully and I gave permission to some wee lads who came out to fish our river Endrick,( I was a ripairien owner of the fishing rights) This water bailiff was threatening them and trying to throw them off the ground and remove their tent etc., fortunately my daughter saw this and came for me, I quickly sorted it out and explained to him the wee lads had my permission and anyway was it not better encouraging them outdoors than perhaps sniffing glue in Maryhill where they were from. These kids never caused me a problem and continued fishing and camping there for some years. It paid off as they let me know if any one was breaking down our sheep fences for firewood or letting a dog run to chase the sheep. I also had a clay pigeon shoot monthly for locals and visitors. I can honestly say that with a VERY few exceptions most of the people camping or fishing or rambling on our land were no trouble and were very nice and friendly and thankful for us allowing them to be there. Litter was my biggest problem, sometimes other visitors were embarassed by other's litter so they cleared it for me. During the lambing season I did not let people camp overnight as we were shooting foxes and all year round that is still done so anyone camping has to be warned. Stalking is one of the things that ramblers etc., must be aware of, apart from that I wish more people would go outdoors in the country and see and feel the delight's of the countryside.
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Re: Land Access in Scotland

Postby Doug » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:40 pm

Hi Larry. You are clearly a very considerate person and i am pretty sure these youngsters will probably remember your kindness when they are all grown ups. Theres a lot of people do go wandering about the hillsides and many do forget that the land they are enjoying is more than likely to be owned by someone but i dont think they really know this. I think most people are respectful but there are many who are not and they unfortunately give a bad name to those who do obey the rules of the countryside. Education is the keyword
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Re: Land Access in Scotland

Postby georgetowns » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:43 pm

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