Gartloch Road, near Gartcosh
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Gartloch Hospital / Asylum

Opened 1889, Closed 1996

Gartloch Hospital is located on the Gartloch Road near the village of Gartcosh. It was closed in 1996 after serving patients for 100 years as a hospital. It is now in the process of being redeveloped into a "luxury village".

Gartloch Timeline:

1889: Gartloch Estate was bought by the City of Glasgow for nearly £8,600 for the Glasgow District Lunacy Board to build an asylum for the poor people of the city.

1896: The first patients were admitted. 540 beds.

1899: The average number of patients resident in the asylum during the year was 465 and comprised 236 males and 229 females.

1902: A tuberculosis sanitorium was opened. It closed after World War II. During the War, Gartloch was transformed into an Emergency Medical Services hospital. Psychiatric patients were transferred to other hospitals and a number of “temporary” hutted wards built.

1904: 830 beds.

1948: Gartloch joined the National Health Service and was placed under the Board of Management for Glasgow North-Eastern Mental Hospitals.

1974: When the Greater Glasgow Health Board was created in 1974 Gartloch was placed within the Eastern District.

1990: 530 beds.

1993: Gartloch was under the Greater Glasgow Community and Mental Health Services NHS Trust.

1996: Gartloch Hospital closed.

2003: Development work to turn Gartloch into a luxury village begins.

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Living in the margin - extract

...Gartloch hospital had a maze of corridors, which branched out like bony fingers reaching to infinity. I felt as if the real world itself has been exiled from the premises, the clinic had taken over in its place. It was sterile to the point that its totality had excluded all ordinary life.

Looking at the day room, with its large square domain, lit up by a front facing panel of windows, it is here that I remember, (how can I forget ?) the whole room packed with patients. It was not Bedlam as you may have thought. There was no wailing or visible distress in those that sat here. Instead around thirty adults with mental and physical handicaps sat grouped together. It was a sea of chrome contraptions illuminated in the summer sun. Walkers, wheelchairs, sticks, and other specialist equipment, some I had never seen before. If a patient wished to move around within the confines of the room, it was inevitable that a collision would ensue. Those alone, not seeking companionship would pace the passageways or attach themselves to their favourite nurse. Those who could not walk sat. Those who could not sit down, because of agitation, walked. Those who could not speak sat silent. Those who could not stay silent made noise. It was a complete jumble of individuals with so many varying degrees of needs, that it would appear difficult to direct any form of constructive care towards them. And so the people sat, walked, talked or did nothing that day and the next... read on

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Your Memories

I was talking with my gran t'other night about Gartloch (her maw died in there!) and she remembers these two women that used to walk about when she went visiting. One of them was about 4 foot nothing and the other about 6 foot. They walked up and down the hall, not saying a word to each other, but every now and then the taller one would repeatedly slap the little one on the head (that story seemed funnier when my gran told it!). Im sure theres more... I shall find out if anyones interested.

Crusty [30/01/2004]

The Pictures are great,it is nice to see someone take an interest in a historical building in the Greater Easterhouse area,the inscription on the grave read ,s "I M Julius" Julius was a dog that belonged to one of the doctors that practiced at Gartloch,I have a picture of him taken about c1897,Gartloch was built by Greek Thomson's son and is about to be redevelop into a housing scheme.


Eddie [29/01/2004]

I was born and lived at 2280 Gartloch Rd (East Cottages) of Gartloch Hospital. My Father, Bill Milne was the Bacteriologist at Gartloch Hospital Laboratory. My Mother was Helen and was the hospital hairdresser. My memories of Gartloch are the most wonderful memories ever. We had the most perfect childhood. The children of employees were involved in lots of differant ways. I remember especially the farm. Our house looked onto the busy fields and the Bishop Loch. We spent many happy summers pickinf tatties with the patients. And in the long cold winters, skating on the Bishop Loch. Christmad parties in the hospital involved all the staff, their children and patients. We got to know many of the patients who had been there most of their lives. Some had been admitted the the unit because of ''having a child out of wedlock'' I have so many stories to tell this page is not big enough! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers Gartloch or who lived/worked there.

Pattie Milne [04/02/2004]

Gartloch was the place were the 'maddies' went, even if that wis yer maw stretched oot oan a social prescription a' chlorpromazine and diazepam tae stope her thinkin aboot why she just looked oot the windae at the sun goin oot.

the wee red room oan the tope of the tower wus were the really mad bastards went.

ye could walk yer dug lookin fur frog spawn or something else like that and hear the alarms goin aff and then see the very expertualised nurses chasing a wanna be freedom seeker across the fields.

as humans under the age of twelve, we used tae set aff the fire alarms and watch the engines screaming alang gartloch road 'bloody murder' until wi gote caught an battered.

once we crawled underneath the corridors, opened a hatch and surfaced mid corridor amidst the expert's madness. they chased us tae the gates before we started peltin them wi rocks.

they coudnae come oot across the gate cos they wid lose aw their powers.

in winter the loch might turn tae ice, but ye heard so many horror stories that ye never went far fae the edge.

Scara [22/02/2004]

My wife and I lived and worked at GARTLOCH HOSPITAL we lived at 1940 Gartloch Rd.from 1961 until 1967 when we emigrated to Canada I was a student nurse staff nurse and deputy charge nurse until I left we also remember the staff ward parties and good fun times at the hospital and raising our son there Also got to know alot of the patients there It seemed to be a community all on its own and many happy times were spent there.

David and Nan Parry [26/02/2004]




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